Introducing Iran’s Documentary Channel

Introducing Iran’s Documentary Channel

Introducing Iran’s Documentary Channel

Islamic Republic of Iran’s documentary channel (Mostanad) is one of Iran’s state channels being managed by Islamic Republic of Iran’s broadcasting organization.



Considering the interest in the professional documentaries of channel four/4 and the necessity of dealing with the society’s various demands, the documentary center was established; having gradually been improved and professional, the center became the first digital channel in Islamic Republic of Iran.

Having officially started the first digital transmitter in Tehran, the channel broadcasted its programs tentatively on 6th October 2009 and finally it was established on 17th March 2011.

Amir Tajik is currently managing the channel.


Channel Access

Using analogue transmitters (UHF), the programs can be received on channel nine/9 by digital receivers in Tehran. Moreover, the programs can be received on Intelsat-902, Badr-5 and Badr-C5 in Iran and some parts of Asia. Live programs are also accessible on the websites of both Islamic Republic of Iran’s Broadcasting Organization and the channel itself. Previously, the broadcasting hours were from 7 p.m. to 24 a.m., while it is being broadcasted 24 hours daily.


HD Broadcasting

The pictorial ratio was first 4.3 until 16th May 2015 that it changed to 16.9 with the aim of having HD quality. Since 17th March 2016 at midnight that was coincided with the 5th annual ceremony of the channel establishment and the plan for improving the quality of TV channels, HD broadcasting was started.



The channel is specialized and a base for documentaries and documentarians. The aims of the channel are expanding activities in giving information about documentaries and documentarians, covering tourism programs, being the first in aforementioned areas, preparation, organization, training, developing documentary making and supporting the country’s documentarians.


Documentary and Tourism

Regarding the aims of the channel and having a distinctive view towards tourism and its related issues, the tourism part is available on the website.



  •   Nardeban: A show that teaches viewers how to make documentary films and short documentaries.
  •   Plus-documentary (be-ezafe-mostanad): A show that gives controversial documentaries, plus reviews.
  •   Namagard: A show that talks about everyday topics.
  •   Your Camera: it is a short program that looks for the viewers’ opinions on the shown programs.
  •   The other side of the coin (On- Ruye Sekke): this nostalgic series were produced by Dr. Akbar Alami during 1980s. 
  •   The Profession; Documentarian (Herfe; Mostanadsaz): this program aims to introduce documentarians who participated in 33rd Fajr Film Festival. Each part of the series is dedicated to one of Iranian documentarians.
  •   Short film: Lasting 60 minutes, the program provides short film, animation and interviews with producers by holding specialized discussions.
  •   Iran: Young and creative documentarians report conflated documentaries with cultural and tourism themes in different parts of Iran.
  •   The color of football: Mazdak Mirzaei presents foreign documentaries about football.  
  •   Gate (Dariche): this program is presented by Asa Esfandiyari.
  •   Khaste Nabashid (literally translation: Don’t be tired!): The series try to depict one day of hard and attractive jobs in a different expression.
  •   Documentary camera: short clips in form of 5-7 minutes aimed to depict Iranian culture, social and arts matters.
  •   Treasure: the program broadcasts top selection of Iranian noble documentarians in 1960s, 70s and 80s.
  •   9th Street: the main activities of Mostanad Channel such as participating in festivals, events and press are covered in this program.
  •   Golestaneh: archived and non-seen pictures of Iran contemporary history during 1960s-2000s are depicted in 2-6 minutes clips.
  •   Simorgh: The recorded documentary in 1980s presents oral memories of Hossein Fardoust, general officer and deputy head of Iran Intelligence Agency in Pahlavi era (SAVAK). 
Phone +98-2129152727
Mail mostanad[at]
Sroush @mostanadtv


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